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About Egypt

Egypt  has a unique location in the middle of the world, centered between the East and West occupying the North East corner of Africa. Here the Suez Canal connects Asia with Europe and onto America.

General Information:

Official Name:      Arab Republic of Egypt
Area:                    1,001,450 sq km
Population:          80.00 million
Capital City:          Cairo
People:                 Egyptians, Berbers, Bedouin, Arabs and Nubians
Language:           Arabic is the Official Language, English and French are widely Spoken                    

   Currency:              Egyptian Pound (EGP)
   Religion:                90% Muslim, 10 % Christian
   Climate:                 Hot and Dry most of the Year, winters are mild during the Day, but can

                                 be quite cold at night

 Major Industries:Oil & gas, metals, tourism, agriculture (especially cotton)

                               And Suez Canal revenues

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Throughout Egypt, days are commonly warm, and nights are cool. Egypt has only two seasons: a mild winter from November to April and a warm summer from May to October. In the coastal regions, temperatures range between an average minimum of 14° C in winter and an average maximum of 37° C in summer.


During the day summer clothes are suitable. For open air evening events ladies' jackets, shawls or light coats may be needed. Light suits for gentlemen are suitable at all times.

Don’t forget to bring along your swimming costume. Most hotels, even in Cairo, have swimming pools. It is also advisable to get a suitable head gear, a hat or a cap. The sun can be intense, especially in summer.

Exchange currencies available in Banks and exchanger offices, credit cards are used for shopping, speed cash and extras. (
Currency Converter)


Electricity: the power is 220 and either 2 point round or 2 point straight pins. Some   have 3 prongs

Cell-phones are used throughout Egypt and the reception is very good even in remote areas. The system used is GSM so check with your company if your own cell will work there, you may need to have it unlocked

Don't expect to see Supermarkets and Department stores. They are a couple of Malls with boutique style stores, but the majority of stores in Egypt are still the small to medium shop-front stores. Street Markets, food carts and small stores are everywhere, and the normal way of shopping in Egypt.

Gold & Silver Cartouche's with your name in Hieroglyphics.
Papyrus Pictures - again you can have your name put on.
T-Shirts in Egyptian cotton with Egyptian Logos or names in Hieroglyphics.
Handmade Carpets and wall-hangings.
Egyptian cotton items.
Alabaster Carvings.
Unique Perfume Essences
Metal engraved Plates
Galabias– long gowns

Major Cities: Alexandria, Port Said, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh

Entry Visas:
Visitors to Egypt are required to have a visa and a valid passport
Visas can be arranged through Egyptian embassies worldwide; however, visitors from the US, Canada, EU and GCC countries may be able to purchase a visa stamp upon arrival at the Airport.